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5 Ways to Correct Your Bad Posture

5 Ways to Correct Your Bad Posture

Posture issues are incredibly common and unfortunately, can also be incredibly painful. If your poor posture is causing you physical discomfort, there are steps you can take to straighten your spine and mitigate your pain. Follow these steps to correct your weak posture. 

1. Use a Posture Corrector

There are several different types of posture correctors, all with varying costs. There are electronic posture correctors that will notify you through an app that you are slouching so you can straighten up. There are also braces you can buy that are more affordable than electronic devices which will force your back into the correct position, though this may be uncomfortable at first. Figure out which posture corrector best fits your needs and budget. 

2. Quality Mattress

Your posture isn’t just affected when you’re sitting up or walking around, your sleep routine also affects your posture. A bad mattress will most certainly add to your posture issues. You need a firm mattress that offers a lot of support to help correctly align your spine. If you believe your mattress offers enough support but you still wake up with shoulder and back pain, try buying a pillow that is designed to support your spine. 

3. Strengthening Exercises

There are many exercises you can do to specifically strengthen the muscles in your back and shoulders. If you’ve been suffering from poor posture for years, the muscles you use to stand up straight have become weak. That is why it hurts to try to stand up correctly. Search online for exercises designed to strengthen your muscles. Research has shown therapeutic yoga exercises improve posture and overall back health and can be tremendously effective. Do these exercises daily so that you experience less pain when trying to stand up straight through the day. 

4. Back Support

If you work at a desk all day, you’ve likely developed rounded shoulders and forward-neck posture. It’s important to sit up straight while you work but that can be difficult to do if your desk chair doesn’t offer good back support. Search for a chair that will offer the support you need to sit comfortably throughout the day. Additionally, you should avoid sitting in places that don’t offer good support when you’re out and about. For example, if you go to a restaurant, opt to sit in a booth rather than at the bar top with stools that have no back support. 

5. No Heels

Heels can be a fun fashion statement, but they will not strengthen your posture. Wearing heels regularly can result in you overarching your back. Save the heels for special occasions and opt to wear supportive shoes while going about your daily life.

If you have tried all the home remedies for correcting your posture but are still suffering from discomfort, reach out to us here! We will observe the issues you’re suffering from and come up with a plan to strengthen the muscles in your spine. Do not continue to suffer from back pain; take steps today to improve weak posture.